viernes, 28 de noviembre de 2008

Noticias por parte de Harry

E-mail de Harry

Hey Guys …

I am writing this backstage at the Glasgow SECC before our concert tonight – the tour has been awesome. We all give a huge thanks to all of you who have bought tickets and been so enthusiastic from start to finish. Hope you all are enjoying our flying stage!

We are filming the Wembley show Thursday night for a concert DVD – so we can all watch the concert again next year! Saturday is the last night of the tour at the new Liverpool Arena. It will be Dougies’ 21st birthday so you will all be in store for a great show and night!

Thanks also to everyone who has gotten our Children In Need single - out this week – the CD is everywhere including all the supermarkets. The single DVD has great footage from our Brazil trip and behind the scenes at the Do Ya video – but it’s just at HMV (£1.99). If you have ordered the 'Do Ya' tour downloads, be sure to redeem the download and see the backstage video from your night.

We have moved the Aberdeen and Glasgow ones up so you can get them starting this Saturday (1 day earlier than announced).

The next few weeks we have a lot of TV’s and will be announcing them on myspace and our websites. We are also flying to South Africa to do some songs at the Miss World Pagent! Wonder if we should go on a safari there!

Thanks guys,


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